Zenfolio | Studio 519 Chicago | What to Expect




The Session
Whether on location or in the studio, we strive for a professional environment that is very interactive as we work with our clients to create the perfect product they envision.

Prior to Shoot
Sessions may take between 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours (depending on the age of the clients) Photo sessions may vary depending on the style and theme of portrait as well as the age of the subjects. Children under age of 5 have shorter attention spans therefore the shoot will be quick. (Having 2 children under the age of 4, we completely understand this) We strive for a calm and fun experience for all involved. It is always helpful if the children are relaxed and do not feel that they must pose at every moment. If the parents are relaxed and not making a big deal about the photo shoot, the children will follow.

During the Shoot
On the day of the shoot, please allow only those to be photographed to attend. This will help to lessen the number of distractions and to keep the environment calm and relaxing. We do ask that no personal camera be used during the shoot. Feel free to input any ideas for a photo that you would like to try.

After the Shoot
You will be contacted 7 days after your photo session once your photos are ready for viewing on our web site. A personal access code will be given to for you to privately view your photos. Orders can be easily placed by contacting our studio via email or phone. Because we want to produce the best prints for you, please allow one week for all print requests.

Clothing choices are an important decision to make for your photo shoot. We suggest wearing solid colored clothing of similar hues so as to not distract from the beautiful expressions being captured. Please refrain from wearing intense stripes or patterns and any item with a logo. Easy to remember: Light color work best in backgrounds that are lighter and for those with fair complexions. Dark colors work best in backgrounds that are darker and for those with dark complexions.


We recommend that young children go barefoot because their small feet are always cute to photograph or if shoes are necessary, a plain color works best. For adults dark shoes and dark socks are suggested. White athletic style shoes will pull the eye away from the face.




Feel free to bring any items that will make you and your child comfortable during the shoot. If an infant or young child has a favorite toy, blanket etc., please bring it. It will be a nice memory for you and a great comfort for them.



The less bulky the clothing the better. We recommend dressing babies in fitted outfits. Parents should be expected to be in some photos so please wear colors that will complement the child's outfits.