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Re Hernandez  Founder, Creative Director Designer, Photographer & Chief Perfectionist.

I knew early on that beautifying the world through creative media was my calling. I believe I see things a little differently than most. I find beauty in the simplest of objects and find myself staring at my surroundings just soaking in all the details. I suppose that is why I am such a perfectionist. I studied photography and design and found them to both to be true passions. To me they go hand and hand. I get much of my design inspiration from the things around me, so i carry a camera everywhere i go. I have had the opportunity to visit some unbelievable places over the past few years. I have come back from each trip with more photographs and more inspiration then I know what to do with.

On the design side, I have held creative positions at marketing agencies, print shops, and corporate offices, all which have given me insight into the workings of every step of the creative process.  On the photography side, I have worked with top notch photographers and models shooting portraits, weddings, and events. I have also worked in professional labs making final images look spectacular. At Studio 519 all those experiences are sure to shine through. I am an absolute perfectionist in everything i do from photograph to design, customer service to offering the best product I can.




Re Hernandez is a commercial photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Re specializes in head shots and portraits for professional actors, industry leaders, and corporate teams whose business and branding efforts call for more than just another photo, but an all encompassing visual marketing asset.

Re is committed to providing her clients with more than just quality photographs at a great price, but quality photographs that actually meet their needs.

As an entrepreneur herself, Re understands how the entire enterprise can literally depend on the strength and clarity of you, your ideas, and your team. Her goal is to provide you with a positive photography experience that delivers you portraits that you love and are proud to use and share, personally or professionally.

If you are ready to take you, your brand or your business to a whole new level of professional success, book now, and let Re and her amazing team help you share your put your best face forward through her visionary head shots and portrait photography.